Event of Interest: Walk the Walk
Attention: Faculty, Staff, Students, and Residents on the three SFU Campuses
You are invited to ‘walk the walk’ with us to enact decolonization and “reconciliation” efforts at SFU!
Dr. Amy Parent, Noxs Ts’aawit is honoured to begin collaborating with settler scholar, Dr. Jeannie Kerr who joins her as a co-investigator for a research project that aims to study the educational effects of the “Critical Understandings of Land & Water: Unsettling Place at Simon Fraser University” film series. The series contains three short oral editorial films by Dr. Amy Parent, Noxs Ts’aawit and nine films with respected Coast Salish Elders and Knowledge Holders featuring oral stories on the ways local Nations have used the land and waterways that the three Simon Fraser University (SFU) campuses now occupy. There are also four films by SFU faculty members’ efforts at enacting decolonizing and land based pedagogical practices. Drs. Parent and Kerr are currently seeking the participation of members of the greater SFU community who are interested in expanding their knowledge on decolonization and reconciliation to view the film series and participate in the research. They are also seeking Coast Salish community members to engage with the series. The research project involves participants completing an online pre- and post-survey and watching as many of the films that are chosen. If you are interested in participating in this project, please click on the link which will provide more information.

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