Cyberbullying at Canadian Universities: Linking Research, Practice and Policy

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Cyberbullying at Canadian Universities
Cyber / bullying, In / equities in post-secondary
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CELS helped to organize the symposium Cyberbullying at Canadian Universities: Linking Research, Policy, and Practice which took place at the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver, BC.  The event brought together university faculty, students, staff, and administrators/policymakers for a day of dialogue on the issue of cyberbullying in post-secondary education.  Over 130 people registered to attend from 12 different post-secondary institutions in British Columbia, one university in Alberta and one in the state of Washington, as well as interested community groups, school districts, and law enforcement branches.


Participants attended the research presentations in the morning.

Participants expressed high levels of satisfaction with the event, which provided research-based presentations by the SFU Cyberbullying Research Team, as well as a graduate student from SFU (Aynsley Pescitelli), an ombudsperson from the University of Alberta (Natalie Sharpe), and two members of the legal community (Carman Overholt from Overholt Law and Robyn Durling from the BC Human Rights Coalition and BullyFreeBC) who each helped to define the legal boundaries of the issue for those gathered at the event.  Recordings of these presentations will soon be made available on this website.

Dr. Kris Magnussen, Dean of the Faculty of Education at SFU greeted participants and welcomed them to the event.


Dr. Chantal Faucher, Post-doctoral Fellow with CELS presented study findings related to the gendered aspects of university students’ experiences with cyberbullying.

Dr. Wanda Cassidy, Associate Professor of Education and Director of CELS presented study findings related to faculty members’ experiences with cyberbullying.

Dr. Margaret Jackson, Professor Emerita in the School of Criminology, presented study findings with respect to the policy environment governing cyberbullying at the university level.

Carman Overholt, Q. C., from Overholt Law, spoke about the legal framework for addressing cyberbullying.
Participants particularly appreciated the opportunity to engage in small working groups to discuss aspects of the issue with other stakeholders.  Reports summarizing these discussions will soon be made available on this website.

Participants spent some time in small group dialogue on the issue of cyberbullying and ideas about solutions to the problem.