British Muslims: Media Guide
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E. Masood
Discrimination, Islamophobia
Book, Curriculum – general

Masood, E. (2006). British Muslims: Media Guide. The British Council. 


British Muslims: Media Guide features the story and history of British Muslims. The purpose of this book is to dispel the various misunderstandings about British Muslim communities and to foster understanding between different groups of people. The book features ten chapters: Britain’s Muslims, Minarets from the Motorway, Politics, Young Muslims and Education, Borrowing and Investing Religiously, Charity at Home and Away, The Untold Story of Britain’s Muslim Media, The Muslims and Mainstream Media, and Art and Culture. This book is geared towards anyone who wants to learn, write, speak, and teach about (British) Muslims. 


The Teaching Against Islamophobia resources were developed with funding support from the Law Foundation of BC, and the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies at SFU.


Image credit: “Vancouver Public Central Library” by GoToVan is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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