Secret Edmonton: Canada’s First Mosque
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StoryHive. (2018, September 20). Secret Edmonton: Canada’s First Mosque [Video]. YouTube.


This video highlights the story of Canada’s first mosque, Al-Rashid. Women played an instrumental role in opening the mosque, namely Hilwie Hamdon. The video showcases the efforts of the Lebanese Muslim community and the support the mosque received from Jewish and Christian communities. The history of the mosque, such as the process of putting forth a request to build the mosque, the approval from the city, the moving of the mosque, and how Muslim women saved the mosque from being demolished are discussed. 


The Teaching Against Islamophobia resources were developed with funding support from the Law Foundation of BC, and the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies at SFU.


Image credit: Jj98, CC BY-SA 3.0 ; via Wikimedia Commons

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