Edward Said On Orientalism
Screen Shot Edward Said On Orientalism
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OHWBOfficial. (2013, November 20). Edward Said On Orientalism | 1998 Documentary [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3MYYDEj4fIU

In his work, Orientalism, Edward Said argues that individuals have a preconceived notion of the Middle East and the ways in which we acquire information about the Middle East are not innocent or objective. He further notes that the West (Europe and America) look at the Middle East through a distorted lens – Orientalism. This video contains an interview with Said about his work in which he further discusses the images of the Orient (Muslims/Arabs), the construction of Orientalism with imperial conquest, the difference between American Orientalism and European Orientalism, how Orientalism manifests in contemporary society via media and popular culture, and finally, the relationship between Orientalism and the Palestinian question.

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