Hate crime in Canada: An overview of issues and data sources
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Janhevich, D. E.
Research report / thesis / dissertation, Resources; government & legal

Janhevich, D. E. (2001). Hate crime in canada: An overview of issues and data sources. Statistics Canada, Integration and Analysis Program, Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics. https://www150.statcan.gc.ca/n1/en/pub/85-551-x/85-551-x1999000-eng.pdf?st=OtfT9v86

In response to the lack of research pertaining to hate crimes in Canada, this study aims to enhance the understanding of hate crimes and police reports related to hate crimes in Canada. As the first phase of a three phase study, this report provides a literature review regarding the history of hate crimes in Canada and available research/data This report also includes hate crimes data collection issues and police policies/procedures. Lastly, results from the 1999 General Social Survey, the first report to measure self-reported hate crimes at the national level.

The Teaching Against Islamophobia resources were developed with funding support from the Law Foundation of BC, and the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies at SFU.

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