Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre
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Indigenous education, Social justice
Curriculum – general, Curriculum – post-secondary

Located on the 4th floor of the W.A.C. Bennet Library at SFU Burnaby, the Indigenous Curriculum Resource Centre (ICRC) guides faculty members, instructors, and course designers towards decolonizing their curriculum in a good way. The ICRC encompasses a collection of resources, including a media centre featuring audio-visual content, that address the impacts of colonization, what decolonization means, and the importance of including Indigenous perspectives in courses The ICRC collection uses the Brian Deer Classification, an Indigenous classification system that honours Indigenous worldviews, to decolonize the Euro-centric library classification system; a system that erases Indigenous peoples, cultures, knowledges, and histories. The goal of the ICRC is to offer different ways of knowing and learning that are excluded within the current library frameworks.

To learn more about the ICRC and how to decolonize your course, CLICK HERE.

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