'Jihad' is not a dirty word
Screenshot “Jihad” is not a dirty word
Rashid, Q.
Islamophobia, Stereotyping
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Rashid, Q. (2017, July 8). ‘Jihad’ is not a dirty word. The Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/global-opinions/wp/2017/07/08/jihad-is-not-a-dirty-word/

This article describes why jihad is not a violent concept in early Islamic traditions, noting that “the Koran describes three types of jihad (struggles), and zero of them mean or permit terrorism” (para. 4). The three forms of jihad are  jihad against yourself, the jihad against Satan,  and the jihad against an open enemy . Examples of jihad include, quitting smoking, losing weight, beating cancer, learning a skill, and even parenting – all of which are practices to improve the self and society.


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