Meet the Author: Hena Khan
Screen Shot Meet the Author: Hena Khan
Fairfax Network - Fairfax County Public Schools
Film / video

Fairfax Network – Fairfax County Public Schools. (2019, November 4). Meet the Author: Hena Khan [Video]. YouTube.

Hena Khan in this interview discusses her books such as More to the Story, Chasing the Dream Series, and Amina’s Voice. The stories address tough topics such as the struggles of growing up and the challenges of middle school, focusing on themes such as family, community, and friendships. This interview also features questions that children ask Hena regarding her work. Hena shares her passion for writing and why it is important to portray different cultures and backgrounds. The interview showcases how students engage with Hena’s books such as looking at the concepts, challenges, changes, and connections, and shares the conversations that arise among the students.

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