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Muslim Kids TV is a digital platform that educators can use in the classroom to teach students about varying Muslim stories through film, storytelling, and art. Muslim Kids TV provides educational episodes and movies on topics such as, but not limited to, Islamic history (the Golden Age), Muslims around the world, Ramadan and Eid stories, and historical Muslim figures. The platform also features worksheets and  e-books which includes stories and poetry that highlight and represent  Muslim children and young adults. An interactive games section along with a comic creation section allows students to create their own stories and share it with others. The goal of Muslim Kids TV is to counter the harmful message about Muslims by providing positive representations that can benefit children from all walks of life. Grade level: children and young adults. Note: Subscription is needed to access Muslim Kids TV.

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The Teaching Against Islamophobia resources were developed with funding support from the Law Foundation of BC, and the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies at SFU.

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