Quebec women’s council unveils 7 steps to stop “honour crimes”
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CBC News
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Quebec women’s council unveils 7 steps to stop “honour crimes.” (2013, October 30). CBC News. 


As a result of the Shafia case, the Quebec Council for the Status of Women studied “honour-based violence” in Canada. The Council reviewed 17 cases of honour-based violence in Canada and emphasized in their report that honour-based crimes are not exclusive to ethnic communities.  Their study led to the Council proposing 7 recommendations to the Quebec government to combat honour-crimes. The seven recommendations include: develop a policy to fight against honour-based violence; develop an action plan; review strategies to address female genital mutilation; protect immigrant women; implement and revise laws to protect women and girls from forced marriages; review Youth Protection Act; and coordinate outreach strategy. In addition, training for social workers is important to assist women and girls who are living in fear.


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