The concept of jihad in Islam
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Ramlan, R., Erwinsyahbana, T., & Hakim, N.
Discrimination, Islamophobia, Stereotyping
Journal article

Ramlan, R., Erwinsyahbana, T., & Hakim, N. (2016). The concept of jihad in Islam. IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 21(9), 35–42.

“It is an undisputable fact that jihad is an Islamic teaching that is explicitly mentioned in Quran, Hadith, ijma’as well as various fiqh literature from classical time to the contemporary time. Jihad term often used for things that are destructive by western scholars and society. For them, jihad is synonymous with terrorism. The similarization of the word Jihad with the word terrorism in the Western perception is strongly reinforced by a series of terror committed by Muslims in the name of jihad. These acts have been increasingly affecting the interpretation of the word jihad in a negative way although in reality that is not the case in a contemporary context. Jihad in contemporary understanding is not just a war against visible enemies but also a war against the devil and carnality. Even a war against visible enemies that are written in classical fiqh books has now replaced by a contemporary interpretation of jihad against the enemies, as was done by Dr. Zakir Naik” (p.35).


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