The politics of the hijab in Canada
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CBC News
Discrimination, Islamophobia
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CBC News: The National. (2017, March 13). The politics of the hijab in Canada [Video]. YouTube. 


There are a wide range of controversies surrounding the hijab. Although the hijab is associated with Muslim women, there are also controversies surrounding non-Muslim women who choose or refuse to wear the hijab. The video also highlights the rate of hate crimes and discrimination against Muslim women, specifically those who wear the hijab. In addition, there is a presence of a Canadian brand of Islam – where Muslim women are taking part in Canadian culture and society while simultaneously maintaining their faith. Listening to Muslim women in respect to their choice regarding their hijab, whether they choose to wear it or not, is an important step Canadians should take.


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Image credit: Jj98, CC BY-SA 3.0 ; via Wikimedia Commons

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