What it’s like to be a Muslim in America
Screen Shot Dalia Mogahed
Film / video

TED. (2016, March 15). What it’s like to be a Muslim in America | Dalia Mogahed [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzkFoetp-_M

Dalia Mogahed highlights how negative media coverage of Muslims, specifically after 9/11, significantly influences how individuals perceive her and other Muslims. She states how Muslim are depicted as terrorists, suspects, and a threat to society thus causing people to be fearful of Muslims. As a result, they are victims of hate crimes as Muslims (and those perceived as Muslims) are attacked and Muslim properties are vandalized. Mogahed therefore concludes that Islamophobia greatly affects her, her family, and other Americans. To address the fear regarding Muslims, we must choose compassion over panic.

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The Teaching Against Islamophobia resources were developed with funding support from the Law Foundation of BC, and the Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies at SFU.

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